Cisco AMP for Web Animated Product Video

As part of our series of videos for the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) product line, this animated product video highlights the unique advantages of the Cisco security solution. More of our applications are running on the web, and we have more and more devices in our networks meaning that the potential for a cyber attack has increased. Cisco AMP for Web helps businesses detect and stop advanced malware.

We used a simple graphical approach and a minimal color palette to highlight the simplicity and ease of use of the various security tools offered through the software. A hexagon border delineates the security within the network. New traffic flows approach and enter the enterprise network where it is continuously analyzed. We see the network from a macro and then zoomed in perspective. Node points are highlighted and analyzed resulting in user interface type read-outs.

Each security feature is delineated through a clear visual method, helping the viewer understand the key feature set of the AMP security technology.


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